Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hair and Humility

Oh heavens. I just remembered this story and I am laughing and haven’t even started writing. A few weeks ago a woman came with her husband into the shop where I work to buy an apple. (I work at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where we sell like 35 kinds of CARAMEL apples…so when I say apple, I don’t just mean something Granny Smith pulled off a tree…these are some serious fruit snacks.)The woman was very put-together and had just finished what appeared to have been a pretty major shopping trip with her not-so-thrilled husband. I offered her a sample (as we do with every customer) and she, in what I’m sure was her sweetest voice ever, said, “Who does your eyebrows?”

Ok. You have to know a few things. I could not be more ignorant when it comes to anything “beauty” related. I happen to be sort of good at putting on eye-shadow, but as far as the upkeep of the latest hairstyles, shoes, major fashion trends, or in this case-eyebrows—FORGET IT. Any success I may have in those areas is honestly a mistake. I’m that pitiful girl that tries to keep up and gets so excited when I get something that’s “in style” usually to find out that I’m a year or two late on the trend wagon. (Side note: On top of that I have enormous feet so the once cute size 5’s end up looking like vacation yachts on my size 12 feet. Anyhow…that’s another basket of family jokes.)

That same week, the Lord had been teaching me SO much about humility… (Philippians 2 rocks my face off)…and just not being so concerned with material things and the way I look, etc, etc. So you can imagine that when I walked through the doors at the chocolate factory that night thinking I should have been winning an award for the amazing hair night I was having (I mean seriously…not a trace of frizz) the good Lord just couldn't pass up an opportunity to teach me another lesson.

LADY: “Who does your eyebrows?”
*ME Confused…Did she just ask about my eyebrows?: “I’m sorry?”
LADY: “Who does your eyebrows? (A little closer to my face) Did you do them?”
*ME Shocked and Hesitant: “Um, no one, yeah I did.” (Thought to self—a good hair day, and complement on my brows…maybe I should go to beauty school?)
LADY (Moment of truth): “Honey you did them wrong. They do not look good. They are not even.”

***Suddenly I hated that rule about the customer always being right.***

*ME Covering up my poor beauty skills: (Quick who else can you blame for this beauty tragedy?!?!?) “Oh well, a friend of my did them at camp, and I’ve just kept them the same…so I guess I’ll have her fix them.”

***Oh please, that was a one-time deal over 6 years ago, I’m pretty sure I’ve plucked a few hairs (apparently too many on one side) since then.***

LADY: “I’m a beautician…I could fix those for you. Or you should just go next door [we are next to a salon] and have Brenda do it. She really is the best—I know she could fix that for you. But you really should have that fixed.” (Was the emphasis on really necessary?)

..So not only did I fail my daily humility test by boasting about my frizz-free locks…now I gotta read up on blatantly lying, hateful thoughts, (and after my co-worker venting session)…gossip. Oh, and she didn't even buy an apple.


Lindsee said...

Are you absolutely kidding me?1 Who, in their right mind, would have that kind of confidence to say such a thing?! I just don't understand.

But, I will admit, in my day I've had some serious "eyebrow" issues. I could have gone to counceling over them. I think I might have been addicted to plucking them! ;)

The Lord has graciously takin' away that addiction! ;) I am happy to report they are back to normal!!!

Shelly said...

LOL! "She didn't even buy an apple!" I'm rolling on the floor over this post...and I needed the laughter for sure after work tonight! If it makes you feel any better, in the past week, I've had two people ask me if I was Indian (in lieu of my 'now' fading tan) and one person compliment it (Now you should remember that I'm fighting the tanning oil as it is and trying to heed Amanda's advice :) ). So my flesh so wanted to receive the compliment, while my spirit was realizing just how pitiful I really am! LOL! And by the way, you don't look like you're struggling at all in trends and fashion - unless you STILL haven't gone to get that shirt tag removed yet ??? :)

jennyhope said...

Girlfriend! I am a fellow blogging sista! You have to get those pics of you and Bethie up quick! I am jealous! he he:)
The pics on Shelly's blog just made my day!!!
love jenny

Billy said...

hahaha...that is awesome. i hope i don't get in trouble at work for laughing so hard.

kittyhox said...

Okay. I hate to criticize, but that was over-the-top rudeness.

I guess she thought she was being helpful and kind. Sort of like when you point out the fact that someone else has salad in their teeth. It's embarassing for both of you, but you figure they would want to know.

But not eyebrows.

I can't tell from your header's photos whether your eyebrows have issues, but your hair. is. killer. I love it. Do you do it yourself? With a round brush or a curling iron? Love it!!

PS Are you going to take her oh-so-helpful advice and visit the salon next door? I have kind of bushy eyebrows that I can never get symmetrical. But I'm kind of lazy about bidding the salon. This reminds me that I really ought to make an appointment.

Funny story!

Patty said...

I didn't know where to write but it was so much fun to meet you in Boone! What a blessing! How like God to allow us to sit next to each other(well, you all were in front of me) and allow us to meet! I pray your move to Nashville goes smoothly. You will love living there. I lived there for 10 years. As I told Shelly, you all need to go to the Deeper Still event in September. I am working the event as an encourager! Have a great Sunday!

toni said...

LOL! I cracked up at where that woman was going with her comment. Btw, found you over at Beth's blog. Great story.

Linda said...

You are the cutest thing ever. Your brows are fine in these pics! I am just stopping by via someone else's blog--i forget who, and loved reading about your camp experience. Beautiful pictures--great summer job--great brows--live it up!

Dionna said...

She may look classy but she obviously doesn't know how to exhibit class. I'm sorry.