Monday, May 7, 2007

Tacky Walls and Junk Drawers

So last night I realized that my sub-leaser for the summer was moving in on Tuesday. That would now be tomorrow. Then I realized that she was in fact NOT moving in off the street and she would actually have STUFF to put in here. In MY room. My LAST college room. EVER.

And suddenly I liked the fact...
*that nothing in my room matches
*that I have my name tackily written out with polka-dot ribbons and pictures on the wall above my bed (ok, FUTON)
*that I have as much plastic furniture as I do wood furniture
*that I have a lamp on my dresser that hasn't worked since August because I got the bottom of a lightbulb stuck in it and I'm too scared to get it out
*that The Preacher's Wife and The Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan version) have been played on this tv AT LEAST 30 times a piece this year....and BOTH of them last night
*that I STILL have dishes sitting beside my bed from my late-night cereal cravings
*that my suitcase was still sitting stuffed in the bottom of my closet where it has been since August because I was too lazy to put the empty thing back in my car to save space
*that I successfully started and grew my "junk draw" in the top left drawer of my desk as with every other room or space I've ever occupied (and that I have now waited until everything else was packed to go through it)
*and that I have left my mark on this apt. with a multitude of tiny holes in the walls where my push-pins once held up my memories

And then, 2 hours later, it was all gone. Packed in boxes. Stuffed in my car. And ready to go to the next space I will call home. It's're faced with the impossible--packing up the last 4 years of your life and convincing your heart to move on--and it takes just 2 hours.

So it's official. Exactly 6 days from now I will leave Carolina--the place that changed my blood to blue--and no longer call this town my home. I'll venture off to a new life, in a new state, with new friends (and a new Starbucks) and put up my tacky decorations on a new set of walls.
My gas tank is full and Christy is waiting in the CD player. Watch out world, here I come.
Well, after I get my brake-light fixed.


Shelly said...

Oh heavens! Why did this make me want to cry?? Maybe it's because yesterday I packed up all my furniture. And now I am sitting here on the floor of my apartment, staring at the tornado scene in front of me of things to dispose, things I should dispose of but my heart won't let me, and the things I'll be taking with me that couldn't fit into my storage shed :( Oops! I'll be sleeping on my blankets for about 2 weeks until I move out of here, but the blank walls and stillness make my heart sad. How is it that it is packed in a day, while you sit on a floor that has been cried upon, danced upon, studied upon, slept upon, and praised upon for years.

Shelly said...

PS - Quote of the week: "I mean - that's like 8 Beth Moore conference tickets and a hotel!" HAHAHAHA. I love you! Thank you for sharing your time, heart, laughs, and passion for apples with me! (still giggling).

Lindsee said...

Abby, that was just precious!

I feel the same way. Although I'm not packing up totally, I am packing up enough to go home for the summer...where to start?!?!?!

Since I am assuming you and Shelly are going to a Beth conference, I hope y'all have an absolute blast!! I told her that too!!!!

Have a great Tuesday!!

Lindsee said...

I LOVE the new look!!