Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Something to Hold You Over

I promise I'm alive. I just haven't had the chance to breathe in the last couple of months. :) I love my job, but I think I've had a total of 2 days off since February (not counting a few Easter days). Not Cool. So of course I have a hundred million things to write about and only a hundred millionths of a second to write about them. But something new is coming. And in the meantime, you can ooo and ahhhh with me over my new nephew (first grandchild on both sides) that was born this past thursday. Precious. Haven't met him yet. Dying to. Get to in 16 days. :)

Luke Russell Hinton

No time for a bath...need pictures first. :)

Ahh, much better. :)

That's right...Carolina IS #1.

So tiny with my daddy.

So cuddly.

My favorite.

Me and mommy.


Happy Family :)