Friday, July 25, 2008

Quiet Entrance

i am alive. i am to ashamed of my lack of writing to look at you. so my eyes are blindfolded. (or i'm just being dramatic.) i'm writing to say, that a post is coming. but not tonight. it is late, and again, i'm ashamed. (hehe i like being dramatic.) i will be taking a bubble bath (which is still on my list of favorite things that i think everyone should do once a week) and going to sleep. and when i awake, i shall begin writing. and we will not discuss my time away. it's too heartbreaking to think about all i've missed out on. and there is no use mentioning my absence since we are clearly all aware of it. and it is too painful to relive. (seriously, drama queen award, where do i sign.) talk soon. and remember, we won't mention the brief (if by 'brief' you mean 'extremely long') break from blog world that has just occurred. no condemnation in Christ Jesus. true even in blogworld. ;)

love you. mean it.