Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Noodle Maddness

YA'LL. Pyzam has a RAMEN NOODLE blogger layout.
Did anybody's day just get better? (Or at least involve an unexpected smile?)
10 packs for a dollar...I mean you've GOT to love that. (Or think it's gross and eat it cause you can't afford easy mac.)


I promise I'm doing more with my life than being giddy about noodles. I will update with something meatier soon.
[Oh, and M.G. if you're reading...have your son say noodle. Last time I fed him spaghetti I made him say it like 5 times...it's almost cuter than guacamole. :) ]

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Go Green

No, the blog change has nothing to do with me wanting to help the environment (although I do, and I will try hard to)...I am just in a green-lovin' mood. :) I'm thinkin' it's the whole SPRING TIME thing. Coming with a post soon...but for now check out these lyrics by my fav.

I won't find what I am looking for
If I only see by keeping score
Cause I know now you are so much more than arithmetic

Cause if I add, if I subtract
If I give it all, try to take some back
I've forgotten the freedom that comes from the fact
That you are the sum

(Arithmetic by Brooke Fraser)
What a peaceful thought...let God be your SUM today. Have a happy Sunday!
Love ya'll :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Created vs. The Uncreative

The enemy is not creative. Sometimes it is tempting to give him some kind of credit for coming up with the awful schemes and tricks that he does. We think, wow...good one...you really outdid yourself there. And yes, he is awful, and yes he causes much destruction in our lives. But really when you think about it...he just takes what the Creator has made and perverts it. Distorts it. Destroys it. Tries to mess it up. To steal it from you. Crush it. Kill it. Make you turn your back on it. On HIM.

I've been awakened recently to some such areas--places in my heart and life that I let him sneak in and steal the paint brush. I gave him room to stick his foot in the door and stink up the place. No more. So here's to reclaiming my surrendered ground. To taking back what was never meant to be his in the first place. To recognizing the work of the Creator and working to preserve it in it's purest form. There are cracks and holes in the road, sure. Places and moments where I'm deceived. But HE will get the glory. For the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Because the good is born of Him
The bad can be made great in Him
and the ugly is flawless in the light of Christ.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Post Below

So i'm a dork and messed up something with the posting.
A new post can be found below Brooke Fraser video...titled "Rose Colored Lenses".

Love ya'll! :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

C.S. Lewis Song (Brooke Fraser)

Hey ya'll!! A couple of you had asked about hearing the music that went with the song I posted the lyrics for in my last post. Here is a video of the song and footage of Brooke Fraser singing/playing. Hope you enjoy! She is my fav! (And the "hope is coming for me" part rocks my face off)

[PS...don't forget to "pause" the music player on the right side of my blog otherwise the song will sound awful. Hehe :)]
[pps...changing some things...picture temporary...sorry to scare the children with my big head.]