Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Noodle Maddness

YA'LL. Pyzam has a RAMEN NOODLE blogger layout.
Did anybody's day just get better? (Or at least involve an unexpected smile?)
10 packs for a dollar...I mean you've GOT to love that. (Or think it's gross and eat it cause you can't afford easy mac.)


I promise I'm doing more with my life than being giddy about noodles. I will update with something meatier soon.
[Oh, and M.G. if you're reading...have your son say noodle. Last time I fed him spaghetti I made him say it like 5 times...it's almost cuter than guacamole. :) ]


connorcolesmom said...

Oh girl you are bringing back memories of college - I can still taste those noodles b/c I ate them all the time :)
Enjoy your day!

beckyjomama said...

My niece is a RAMEN freak and she gets excited when she visits me 'cause she says I make the best Ramen ... HUH?!?! How does that work?
Open package. Boil. Add seasoning.

All the same as everyone else...
Maybe cause I nuke it instead of cooktop.

Also, pimp-my-profile.com has good layouts and they are tweakable ( I am learning how to tweak and this exciting stuff for me!!!)

AND - I have tagged you for a meme (what, by the way, is a mem?!?!?) so come see me for details!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

I think we lived on those the first year of our marriage! That and Hamburger Helper!!!

You just make me smile sweet girl!

Bev Brandon said...

it must be a young thing or something but i never grew up in the ramen noodle generation like my kids and i can't put them in my mouth...you are way too cute!!


Leigh said...

love the noodle.

Fran said...

No way! Ramen noodle design??

Hope you are well Abby!
Miss you...let us know how you are doing.

Big hugs~

vince said...

hey... your post from march 23rd really rang true with me... thanks for being a vessel for Him to use this morning... i graduate college today and i've been going through quite a bit of my own turmoil... He spoke through you to give me encouragement :o)


Georgia4God said...

yum, yum, yum! I'm tellin ya.. when I first got my own place, I lived on that and bologna sammiches!! I like the roast chicken, it's my fav :o)

Bev Brandon said...

One day you'll be a great mom...just wanted to stop by to say that you so honor your mother on her day tomorrow. Anyone would give anything to have a daughter like you! Love you my dear!

PS - your word verification is harder than Travis's

Lisa said...

I miss you! Where in the world are you? I'm still waiting on my email. :)

Update me on your life so I can know how to pray for you!
Lisa :)

jennyhope said...

Hey girl! I got the albertine cd! I won it off ebay from someone in the US! I think of you and I love it so.
love jenny

Patty said...

Ramen Noodles are a staple in my house full of boys. I buy 2 cases at a time and they are gone in a week.

I love me some cheap eats! ;)

Bev Brandon said...

you are just way too cute!!!
you can have my noodles!!!

AnnaElizabeth said...

Hey, I like your blog! It looks like you are a lover of God, so we share that!

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