Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Post Below

So i'm a dork and messed up something with the posting.
A new post can be found below Brooke Fraser video...titled "Rose Colored Lenses".

Love ya'll! :)


connorcolesmom said...

I love your new blog look!
YOur pictures are beautiful!!
How are things going with the nanny job?
God had me praying for you the other day and I think He has knit my heart with you since I was a formet nanny - it is such a great job!!
Blessings sweet Abby!

Leigh said...

I LOOOVVEEE the new look. Your header is so cute! I wish Mine could look like that, but I dont know how to do it...
Glad you have been blogging. I miss ya!

Shannon said...

Abby Lane!

I absolutely love the new layout and I am impressed and fascinated by that header. You always have fun new things...

Hope you are doing well. I sure do miss my Nashville star but, no worries, your little Atlanta love is coming to see you soon:)
Love you girl!

Keep those inspirational blogs coming...

Jules said...

Love your blog! Very inspirational and great layout too! Keep the faith! :o)

Anonymous said...

hello my name is cisco and I came across your page when I googled Unshackled chains. I was looking for pix for my page. My story, I've been freed from a life of drug dealing for 17 years. Now I'm a public speaker at schools and sharing God with as many kids as I can. God Bless.