Sunday, May 13, 2007

Procrastination Grace

I am so tired I could faint. But I had to document my most idiotic event in my college career. (I would say "in my life", but I assure you there will be others after this one).

So I thought I would be smart and beat the system by borrowing my brother's cap and gown from 2 years ago since after tomorrow we will have graduated from the same university. :)
I had already waited until this past Tuesday to check out that situation while I was home...not sure if his old blue dress was even in Lenoir, or if it was on Oak Island where he now resides. But praise the Lord there it was in his unpainted closet--balled up in it's original Student Stores bag (with receipt and everything)--in a old box underneath his hanging clothes. Much joy and celebration for my bank account!!!

I was a little concerned about how wrinkled it was considering I can't really iron it and steaming things was not on my to-do list in the hectic days leading up to my diploma. However mom assured me that I could just leave it hanging in the bathroom when the shower was on and the steam from that would probably do the trick. (Note to self: Mom is intelligent. Keep her around.) So tonight I tried this wonderful trick, and low and behold it worked!

My sub leaser for the summer has already moved in so I'm chilling in my new "room" which consist of the living room couch and a corner of the dining room where my furniture is shoved aside until moving day. So I was going to borrow my roommate Katie's door just to hang my gown on (lol that sounds like my grandma's nightie--sp?--). I happen to glance over at her closet when a big blue hanging thing caught my eye.

First thought (mindless): "Oh, that's her gown."
Second thought (puzzled): "Hmm why does it look brighter than mine."
Third thought (surely not): "Double's thicker too."
Fourth thought as I cut on the light (mom's gonna kill me): "THAT'S A DIFFERENT GOWN."

That's right. Apparently, in an attempt to stay "up with the latest fashion" my lovely university now has different graduation gowns. Different than the ones they had 2 years ago. Are you kidding me? As if we haven't paid enough money already, you're gonna suck out the last 50 dollars by making me purchase a see-through choir robe that not only I can never wear again, but no one else can ever use either?!

Oh please. I don't really care that my gown is 2 shades of Carolina blue lighter and slightly more iridescent than the one I'm supposed to have. OR, that the cap I have is accompanied by a 2005 tassel instead of 2007 because I also forgot (slash didn't make time this week) to buy a new one for the actual year of my commencement. No, I honestly am not concerned about those things. However, my mother may have a cow if I am not wearing the proper uniform tomorrow. Not because she's uptight or stuck up or anything like that. But let's face it. I am her BABY...literally...I'm the last one. So she is going to be soaking up every bit of this glorious day, and I'm not going to ruin it by graduating in the a) wrong gown b)wrong tassel or c) frizzy hair (it is supposed to rain so I've already made arrangements with my alarm clock to nip that issue in the bud by getting up in time to "deal" with that. On top of that it is MOTHER'S DAY...AND her oldest child is getting married next weekend. I refuse to be another source of stress and tears!!

So I will be waking up in 5 hours to sit at the door of Student Stores and bang on it until they are open to purchase the correct cap and gown needed for my 9:30 ceremony in Kenan Stadium. Dear Jesus, PLEASE let them be open. I need "procrastination grace" at 8:00am!!!
(Prayers appreciated!)
So much for trying to beat the system. So long Carolina...thanks for eating my bank account once again.

"I'm a tarheel born, I'm a tarheel bread, and when I die I'll be a broke tarheel dead."
That's all. :) Good night.


Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

That sounds like a bad dream! I hope everything worked out. Congratulations on your graduation!

Lindsee said...

Oh, girl!!! I would just be so flittered!!!! :) Hope everything went OK!!!

Congratulations!!! You are a free Woman now!!

Shelly said...

LOL. Well - we got to talk tonight, so I know you went with the old one. But to throw another similarity in the batch, I WANTED to do the same thing. So I would like to comment your wider range of freedom than mine, b/c I had this intense fear that the gowns would be ridiculously different if I went with an old one of my roommates, b/c that's just how things usually roll. So I forked out the money to GT (A - STINKIN' - GAIN). Nope - they were the same. But I don't think I could've handled the thought of my Mother tumbling over the bleachers in shock and dismay if they hadn't been. lol...glad it went well! love you!

Dionna said...

I hope your gown issue works out. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - I'm glad you liked the Africa pic! :) I do hope you'll visit me again and someday realize your dream of going over there. :)

sebtsgirl said...

Congratulations girl! Get ready for God to rock your world with what is next!

kittyhox said...

What a scam. It's kind of like how there is always a new version of last year's textbook that is exactly the same except for new graphics and font style. Sigh.

I hope you got a new gown and if you didn't, I'll bet you looked lovely anyway.