Friday, June 8, 2007

The earth isn't flat...

...but I've certainly fallen off of far as blogging is concerned. :)
A week and a half ago I drove the 6 hours from my house to my summer "home" on Oak Island. This is the 4th summer that I've spent here at a place called Caswell. It is a youth camp run by the Baptist State Convention on the coast of North Carolina (about 45 minutes south of Wilmington) Every week we have anywhere from 800-1000 kids come from churches all over North Carolina to spend a week learning about the Lord and (let's face it) chilling at the beach with all of their friends (minus their parents). I worked as a housekeeper here for 2 summers and was responsible for the largest barrack house cleaned by the summer staff. I cooked anywhere from 400-800 biscuits in the cafeteria each morning (depending out how many were eating with us) and then went straight to my house to clean. I think the cleaning count was 23 toilets, around 30 sinks, 27 showers, 30+ mirrors....and 23 bathrooms to sweep/mop and bedrooms to vacuum....A DAY....and all in about 3 1/2 hours (with my assistant). It was a lot to take care of, but when you have the entire afternoon off at the pool and/or beach somehow motivation just wasn't an issue.
Last year after much praying, I auditioned for the program staff that works here and am now back for my second summer of singing/playing keyboard in the band. So basically my life for these three months consist of the following:

*Eating FREE food
*Living in a hotel room with my OWN double bed for FREE
*Living at the BEACH (again, for FREE)
*Being paid to sing and play in a praise band twice a day and teach Bible study.

And did I mention...this is where I live...

Don't worry I'll bore you with more pictures later, but until then...if I happen to be absent for a few days it's because I'm somewhere lost in the beauty of this place and the grace of my Jesus.


Shelly said...

Uhm....I don't know if I should pout that I'm not there, or be happy that you are!? lol. How about both!

AND, you didn't tell me you do model shots on the beach!! What else don't I know about you!!! :)

I love you! Glad to see you in blogging world again. I'm finally getting back to it as well. Praise our Mighty Jesus for gracing us enough to keep us in awe of who He is. May we never lose our wonder. Love you sister

Lindsee said...

And I thought I was a lucky girl this summer! :) Girl, you have a mighty opportunity to praise his name loudly and I am so happy for you!! And, glad to know you are musical. I too play the piano and sing!!! Maybe we should start a praise band. ;) J/K

Anway, glad to see an updated post. I only check it every day!! :)

HUGS from Houston!!!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I'm jealous of your summer! That sounds and looks amazing. Enjoy it!

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Girlfriend, you reaped a harvest after cleaning all those potties! Sounds like a dreamy summer!

tina said...

I am new to all of this. I just want to say that you are so very blessed. Jesus is so very wonderful isn't He? Enjoy your summer!