Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Hey beautiful girls!!! I don't have but just a second but I wanted to pop in before 2008! Tomorrow is a really special day for me which I'll have much to say about later, but it will be a novel, so for those that may pop in before then, I'll save you from 2 books back to back. :) I left my computer in North Carolina by accident, so my fab parents are sending it later this week. (Thanks to my bud Daniel for letting me borrow his.)

So my phone died yesterday on the way back to Nashville, and I was panicking cause this day and age what do you do when you are without both the internet AND a phone?! We don't have a house line, so of course I'm thinking the world is going to end...(not really, but just work with the dramatic scene here)
But have no fear, I was at the Verizon store this morning when it opened and got a brand new phone for free!! I walked in with a pink phone (my sweet dad got a little confused when he got our phones...we'll just say PINK was not on my list of favorite phone colors...but it was free for me, and I was a happy daughter at the time) ..and I walked out of the store with a RED phone--the color I actually wanted when we bought new maybe Jesus thought He'd give me a surprise, last-minute Christmas present. :) I sort of wish He had done it without the 6 hour freak-out session on the way back to town, but oh well...I guess His sense of humor is still in tact. :D

Anywho...I'm sitting here with my Banana Hot Cocoa (oh yeah...we have some rockin' gas station cappuccino [sp?] machines in town), new guitar strings (thanks again, Daniel) and a new red phone about to watch Dick Clark. Hope ya'll have an awesome last night in '07...special things to share later this ya'll..

PS...if you haven't read Daniel lately (not my friend mentioned above...the Old Testament book...hahaha) you should check it out's AWESOME. :)


Fran said...

Oh Miss Abby....
You make me smile in just everything you have to share with us....not matter what it is!!!

I'm so glad you got your red phone...I want a red phone...and I'm up for a new one too at Verizon. Hmmmmm.....I may come back later and ask ya what you got and see if you like it.

God bless my sweet friend. I pray 2008 is an exciting year for you personally, emotionally, and of course spiritually. Keep that beautiful heart of yours on Jesus.
He shines all over you!


BethAnne said...

The red phone rocks! Happy New Year, friend!

ImPerfect said...

Happy New Year!

Now if only I could get a phone! I don't even have one! I'm not much of a phone person anyways but I wouldn't be able to go without my laptop and I got what I wanted for Christmas...a new digital camera! I remember at Caswell, trying to have someone take that picture of us with my old camera. You have to be in the right light to get a good picture. It was an old school digital. Anyhoo, I'm rambling, I guess I just had too much coffee. ;)


Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Happy New Year!

Much love,

Leigh Gray said...

Happy New Year sweet friend!! leigh

Teri said...

You are so cute Abby! My phone is pink...I am so over it! I want red too, because that is my favorite color!

Happy New Year girl!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Happy New Year to you! You always bring a smile to my face. :)

Praying that God will bless your socks off in 2008!

Can't wait to hear what you have to share with us!

Anticipating HIM!

Lindsee said...

Happy New Year, friend!

Can't wait to hear what you have to tell us!!! :)

Hope your Christmas was just delightful...despite your absentee brother!!

Love you!


Patty said...

God delights in delighting His children! Happy 2008 to you and I am looking forward to reading your novel. :o) I love everything you write.

I am relaxing today and watching football and we had company but he left and now I am ready to watch them Dawgs play Hawaii.

Love You,

Jackie said...

Happy New year, love!! Hope it is a great 2008 for you!! I love ya girlie- can't wait to hear more soon! :)

Patty said...

I have left you an award on my blog. Come and see what it is.


Renee said...

Happy New Year Abby!!

Yay for red phones, and sweet brothers!!

I hope your special day was especially special. :)

Alana said...

Happy New Year...can't wait to hear your news!

Amy said...

Hallelujah for red phones! I'm about to get one and I'm super excited about it! Happy New Year!

He Knows My Name said...

forgive me abby but i thought when it came to red phones only the president was allowed to have one and it was never, never to be picked up because that would mean necular war. now does that show my age or what :) so with that said my next phone will be anything BUT SILVER!!! i am def living in the dark ages and need a phone with some pizaz (sp?) happy new year to you!


Kathleen Marie said...

It is rather scary how dependent we have become and so very quickly on technology. Last winter I was without electricity, phone, internet for four days. I made hot cocoa and boiled eggs and popcorn in my fireplace! I wonder what people do if you have no fireplace. It was 40* inside my house so I did everything by the fireplace.
Sometimes we just need to get back to the basics of life. Thanks for the tip on the book of Daniel. He was a man of God to be sure. Happy New Year!

Dionna said...

What the heck is banana hot cocoa?

jennyhope said...

happy new year girl! I hope you are doing well!!!

Bev Brandon said...

Hmmm...thought I left a comment on this one but it's flying in cyberspace i guess...i know i did...anyway, i keep popping in for a sec --- cause i can't figure out bloglines --- to see if you posted about your special day...just want to hear it cause i care so much for you and it's got to be good!

Leigh said...

ok, first miss ya!
Where are you? surely you have your computer by now!
#2...Looking at your pics...Has anyone ever told you that you look like Eva LaRue? Beauty. Do you know who that is. Google her. You really do. You could be sisters.
hope your back soon!

NYC said...

I love that you incorporated latte in your profile :)

Happy New Year!

Bev Brandon said...

hoping for that next day post...
just wanting you to know we keep coming back for more...
have you heard Robbie Seay???
that kid so brings God to me...
his song RISE is the ad for American Idol upcoming season...imagine that!