Monday, December 10, 2007

'Disturb Me'

Disturb me for the one whose given up
For the one who’s perseverance has run out
Disturb me for the heart that knows no love
That looks everywhere else to find their worth

..I'm still amazed
At how you've changed, me..

Disturb me for the one who lives in chains
For the one who’s captive in the prison of their shame
Disturb me as a former prisoner of despair
Whose warden was her own jealousy and fear

*Burden me so I can see your heart
That my hunger might be for something more
Teach me how to serve
With words of grace and hands of love
I long to feel the dust around your feet
Disturb me

It shakes me to my roots
That people might have turned from you
Because of what they’ve seen inside of me
Or didn't see...

*Burden me so I can see your heart
That my hunger might be for something more
Teach me how to serve
With words of grace and hands of love
I long to feel the dust around your feet
Disturb me...


Little Steps Of Faith said...

beautiful dahling...and I will say that I should look forward to seeing more as inspired as you could be touring with avalon:)
Love ya:)

Leigh said...

Seriusly, did you write that? That is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patty said...

Did you write that? That is beyond awesome!! I mean that speaks child!!!


Abby said...

ya'll are too sweet...i did write's still sort of morphing as things come, but i was needing some feedback, so thanks for the encouragement!! :)

when i get my behind in gear, i'll hopefully have it for you to listen to one day!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

That is great! Did you write that? Maybe that could be a song!

Okay-just saw the comment that you did write it. Good job girl! Keep it up.
Much love,

Lindsee said...

Love it! :)

Absolutely love it!!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Beautiful.. can't wait to hear it!


Fran said...

Girl...sing it! I am dying to hear it! I absolutely love the words....BEAUTIFUL Abby!

Love ya~

Teri said...

It is raw girl...just the pure TRUTH!


Profbaugh said...

Love it!!!! 'nuf said.


Bev Brandon said...

"Disturb Me" - I love that! What would happen to us all if we lived disturbed in the fray of our heart, disturbed by what it is going on in our own heart...
"Something more" - a friend asked me yesterday if I wanted "something more" than the love of my Christ---he could tell in my dilemma that I wanted someone close to me to change more than I wanted to trust...but i love this phrase---I do want Something more in the right way...I long to feel the dust around His Feet, that close...
WOW, Abby---it's good...very good!

Jackie said...

I love your heart, you know that- just love it!! You are such a precious girl with an awesome thirst and passion for Him. That was beautiful!! Love ya girl!

Pastor Lisa said...

That was beautiful Abby...

And for the record, the early morning news is good for weather and traffic...that's it. I agree, good news is rare...

黃小琥Tiger said...
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