Thursday, January 10, 2008

this and that and no caps

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, long time no "read" (hehe) which means i have lots to say and lots of blogs to visit myself!! which also means no time for capital letters. sometimes i think the shift key is over-rated anyhow...unless pushing two buttons at one time burns more that case i would be all over it!! speaking of calories, i am currently chowing down on some special k cereal...the new kind with the chocolate pieces in it. have you tried it? good stuff. (i would capitalize that for emphasis, but that would defeat my shift-key fast.)

so i still don't have a computer (thank goodness for roommates) but i can't complain too much because my parents are being super sweet and purchasing some extra memory for my ice-age machine that i got when i started at carolina. apparently my computer only has 1/4 of the memory that any bottom-end/cheap computer on the market comes with now-a-days so we've got to get mine caught up! to be honest, it has been nice not having it...sort of like a detox thing. it makes me a little less stressed not to feel the need to check my email every hour, or that i have to respond to any messages within 5 minutes of receiving them for fear the world will be lost without me or my input. (ha.)

enough about that. so when i got back to town, hutch had grown a mile and a half. i promise he is the smartest 17 mo. old on the planet. he can sing his abc's (even the "now i know my abc's..." part at the end), twinkle-twinkle little star, the b-i-b-l-e, jesus loves me, count to ten in english and spanish (what?!), pick up the walkie on his jeep that he got for christmas and say "breaker, breaker" like a pro...and he knows how to steal the heart of his 23 year old nanny. i love him.

so bills came in last month (as they do every month) and the nunnery (nickname for our house because we live on "convent place") has decided we are in emergency mode. our house and all those in it are now living under "operation simplicity". we are going back to the dark ages (literally with the lights) to save money, and have adopted the following new policies.

*natural light is awesome. electric lights are out. candles are in.
*heat. what is that? blankets, long pants, sweatshirts and socks were created for a reason.
*cable tv. is this really necessary? honestly. i own all 10 seasons of friends, and we have countless movies on dvd. when are we even home to watch much else? (don't comment much on this one...i'm still trying to convince myself that i'll survive without a play by play of mcdreamy and meredith's relationship status every thursday night. and am i the only one that doesn't like izzy and george together?) (ps..we haven't made a decision on dropping the cable, but it's in the possibility corner.)
*taking hot showers is awesome. and will continue to be awesome. because we don't pay the water bill. :) (well...ok it's probably in the rent somewhere...but humor me.)

so far we've been pretty we'll see how this thing goes...

i added a few things to my routine in the new year. one of them is taking a bubble bath once a week. there are few things more relaxing. hot water, candles, hot tea (with honey!) and any one of my favorite speakers in my ipod. currently i'm listening to beth moore's series on jonah. i bought the audio from her website and did it a few years ago in college and loved it. i have a really cool jonah story about me and one of my roommates that i'll have to tell you later. anyways, i'll be on week 2 tonight. i'm going to try to do this bubble bath thing like once a week. it is just much more fun to get clean this way than just a quick shower. :) (it's the little things that make me excited!)

i'm still reading the ragamuffin gospel (i have to read stuff like that really slow because there is just so much there) and i also just started beth's 90-day daniel study. it is a really awesome format and one that's easy to keep consistent with because it's not too much for one day, but the stuff that is there will really make you think and challenge you, and it's just been a cool journey so far. i'm a little ocd (obsessive compulsive) about certain things, and it just tickles me so that i started the study on jan. 1st so my days match up with the calendar date. i.e. today is january 10th, and i am on day 10. :) when it gets to february i'm sure i'll have a small panic attack (kidding.) when the dates go back down to 1 an i keep going, but i'll survive. has anybody done the 90-day 'jesus the one and only'? i've heard it's awesome too so maybe that will be next...

if i could get you gals to pray for something that would be awesome. i keep having this particular thought about investing my time in doing something, but i'm not sure if it's something i'm just coming up with in my own head, or if it's something that i think the Lord really wants me to do and i've just now started listening to Him about it. i hate to be so vague, but if it does end up happening down the road, i don't have a clue how to even go about it or where to i just don't want to say too much in case it does happen, i want it to be led by Him and not my own influences. kay enough confusing you there...just pray about it if you feel like it. :D thanks.

so i know that some of you are curious about my special day last week because i mentioned it right fast in that other post. it was a doosy (sp?) of a a good way and some not...but mostly awesome. and i'm about to be the jerk of blog-land, because i'm about to leave and not talk about it again...ahh!! :) forgive me! i promise you will understand why this day was/is so important to me when i actually write about it, but it deserves it's own post, so i'm going to wait maybe just one more time. i am sort of in the middle of journaling about some things that have gone on in the last year and i want to complete my thought there before trying to explain things in blogworld. you know how when you write and you stop in the middle of it, it's hard to get back to that mindset of being in that i just want to go there and finish, and then i'll spill all the beans.

well my cereal is gone now and i'm still hungry, so i'm going to head back to the kitchen. i knew i should have gone on that walk today. looking forward to catching up with you girls. hopefully i'll be back tonight to read all about what ya'll have been up to. i have missed you!!! we are so blessed...don't forget to tell jesus thanks today...he is so wonderful :) psalm 40 and let it rock your socks off :D


Lindsee said...

you=adorable! ;)

yes, special k chocolate cereal is worth buying.

you will love david. i am still doig it. i, too, love the format.

love you.

p.s. keeping up with the now capitals thing. :)

Leigh said...

no capitals...i am so glad you are back. you were missed. i am anxious to hear about your story but will try and be patient.
i will certinaly pray that you are led by the Lord. be still and allow Him to be heard. keep us all posted.
glad your back!!!(had to use shift for the exclamation, but just had to!-ug again...)

Leigh said...

had to use caps on Lord. No excuse...

BethAnne said...

I have missed reading about you ! If it makes you feel any better (it might make you feel worse) I am 35 and married and we still bundle up to save on heat bills. Its not that we are poor, my husband hates to pay the gas company! Strange, I know. I cant wait to hear what all you have to share with us! You are awesome.

Rebecca said...

Hey Abby, i came across your blog on Mamma Beth's blog(Hehehe) and i wanted to tell you that you seem like a veary Godly young women! I would love to get to know you beter on here if youll let me?? O! i saw that pic of you and mamma jealous! :)
In Christ Alone,
Rebecca in Colorado

Anonymous said...

i was so excited to see you had posted!! I always enjoy the encouragement I get from your blog!! I'm reading ragamuffin gospel right now and it's amazing but definitely a book that requires studying! I'm very interested in Beth Moore's Daniel study so I think I'll look into it!

Hope you are well!

Little Steps Of Faith said...

Okay missy, I have to write you...
facebook, email...I dunno yet, but I will...cause I think you are feeling that " Are You SERIOUS" moment too right now....

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

I will be praying for you as you seek the Lord in this mystery area!

I'm doing the 90 David study too and love it.

So glad to see you back on here, you always make me smile, and encourage me so!!!


Fran said...

Honey, I saw that Special K ceral today with chocolate and completely walked right by it. I'll get me some though! I ate a bowl of Frosted Flakes last night and forgot how yummy and sugary they were......

It was good to get caught up with you. I hope you stay warm, enjoy the candle light and get your computer back soon. :)

Have a great weekend!! You bless me always~

Jackie said...

hey wonderful, beautiful girl. You are awesome- LOVE your posts...and LOVING the "money saving ideas" oh the college days, how I remember those! :)
I am glad you are well. I just started "Breaking Free" on Tuesday with Ms.Beth and I am so looking forward to it.
Ummm...I am tired and my fingers hurt...haha- maybe its bedtime! Love ya girl! :)

Patty said...

you crack me up!!! The bubble bath once a week made me laugh. I have a jacuzzi in my new house and I have only used it once. Can you believe that? Enjoy your day and weekend. We are heading out to eat hot wings at a new place we found in the Boro'. This is one of the best places to shop and I agree with you, we need to meet up soon and have coffee/lunch , something!
Love You,

Alana said...

Oh good, I was going to have to draw the line if you said you were going to forgo hot showers! Candlelight and natural light really are great!

And you'll probably find you don't miss the cable as much as you think!

Curious for your next not so vague post!

He Knows My Name said...

ok. the mom in me is going to type you this little comment. here i go.

honey, i'm so glad to see you try to cut corners. you are really being smart to make your dollars stretch. but dear, i am worried about the use of your candles. now you know never leave them unattended, right? there abby i feel much better.

you're just a doll. and psalms 40 does rock.


jennyhope said...

lol on the candles because just last night i decided we were going to have to go back to the primitive days and use candles...not kidding!
love you sister!

HIS daughter said...

I've seen you alot on the LPM blog spot and I just thought - what a beautiful and godly young woman. So I stopped by and read your last post and are so right!!

I am 48 years old and did the "walk on the last verse when I was 9" and never KNEW HIM...really KNEW HIM and understood what this was all about until I was 47 years old!

I was in and out of different churches...nodding to GOD..or working in the Sunday School department..check off the "proverbial list"...then straying so badly that I was living in a "pit" and then when I had no good things to offer and the list was long gone, I met my Savior! Praise HIS name!!

I am praying that GOD will awaken the spark that was in my 24 year old daughter's heart when she was 17 and encountered HIS presense.

She went away to a very, very liberal school and she through it all to the side.

GOD will bring her back...I'm Believing GOD!

Thank you for being such a godly encouragment!

Blessings and Prayers,