Friday, January 25, 2008


I hate being sick. Especially when you get that blah feeling where you just don't care about anything...not even your hair. Which considering the new do, is rather sad that I don't have the energy to fix it. It's currently in a static-pony tail and I'm sure if you looked hard enough, you would find traces of kleenex and napkins from the car. Yum.

I have been doing a bunch of random temp. jobs while Melissa is out of town and not needing me which have worn me to my last shred of energy, but suddenly became great once I saw the gas bill and realized where my extra money from this week would be going. You don't even want to know. (And are we ticked off because we've been freezing our behinds off trying to keep the heat down, and our bills is still MORE than last month? YES. Thoroughly.)

I have been reading and learning some cool Jesus stuff, and sadly I don't even have the energy to tell you about it...except that HE is AWESOME. He has taken care of my every need and then some. After I get some sleep tonight and tomorrow I do want to tell you about something we talked about at Kairos a few weeks ago on the subject of name calling. But not the kind you think. :)

OOOooo my roommate is back with medicine and a movie. :D So it is required of me to retreat to my nap chair and not get up until bedtime. By the way...I'm SO SICK of drinking hot tea...if I died today (and I believed in reincarnation) I would no doubt come back as somebody's soothing throat-coat tea bag and leave them just as unhappy as I am. Hey moms, any suggestions for a sore throat?


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Okay, this is going to sound strange, but here's what I do. I warm water in the microwave, add a little honey and fresh lemon juice. Works for me everytime.

Hope you feel better soon!

Jackie said...

i am praying you get well soon love- I hope you can rest, chill, and refill this weekend! and UGH to the cold- its in the 40's here and that is just too much for use south-texans to handle! I am in fear of leaving my house for I may just turn into a piece of ice. Not kidding- I have on three shirts, two pants, and a scarf (yes sitting in my house w/ the heater on) Not sure I could handle anything North! Love ya girl!

ImPerfect said...

Ugh I hate being sick too. I'm sorry you are and hope you feel better soon. I got the stomach virus a couple of weeks ago. The first week back at school I missed 3 days!

Get well soon,

BethAnne said...

I'm with Stephanie on the honey and lemon. Put in just a little water (about and inch and half) and heat it as hot as you can stand it. Then add lots of honey and lemon - make it kind of like a paste. Drink it slow.
I am with ya - I have a sinus infection and it stinks.

Dionna said...

I hope you're up and around soon!

Leigh said...

Oh, no! Abbey! I hope you feel well soon! I agree honey and lemon-in the water or in tea-even though you're sick of it. It will help.
Also, gargle with salt water.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Oh I am so sorry you are sick. Lifting a prayer for you!

Stephanie's advice is good because this girl can sing! She knows about throats! She knows what she is talking about.
Much love,

Patty said...

I am sorry you are sick. I always gargle with warm salt water. The honey works! We are suppose to have warmer weather. Praying for you!!

jennyhope said...

girl I just take medicine for a sore throat no home remedies just medicate! LOL

Fran said...

Oh Abby! I'm so sorry. The crud is just everywhere right now. I have done Stephanie's momma trick and it worked for me too. I hope you are better today.

Praying for you and sending you some love~

Taylor said...

hey Abby, i hope you are feeling better. weird as this might sound, and hard as it may be to swallow for the tartness! squeezes about three whole lemons into a glass, dilutes it with a little water, and drinks it. She says that lemons "flush out" the cold, or toxins...aka the stuff that causes us to feel horrible! have a good day...

NYC said...

I hope you are feeling better. Sorry, I am not a mom and I don't have any remedies fora sore throat :) I usually just drink a lot of lemon zinger tea with honey and curl up in the fetal position in bed.

Profbaugh said...

I am so with you on this Abby--just blogged about it. It hit me over a week ago and I'm still struggling with it. YUCK. I found Sucrets do help a little. But, hot stuff and cold stuff help too. I hope by now you're feeling better.