Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Love of My Life

(And no it's not my Boaz!!! yet...)

I am SO excited right now!!!! Why?!?! Because as of 6 minutes ago (my time) (maybe longer once I actually get this posted...and don't look at the post time cause it's messed up) and an hour and 6 minutes ago (her time...she's in North Carolina) it officially became October 2nd!!!!!!! My BEST FRIEND in the whole world's BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y'all...THIS WOMAN...you just have NO IDEA. What a thing the Lord did when He brought us together. If I have an ounce of the Jesus that she does when I die I'll be doing alright. She is the spitting image of an angel, and everything a Godly woman should be.
You may recognize her as the other girl from my profile picture.)May I present to you....

Kathy Jean Cottrell Johnson :)

From my heart to yours: Top 25 reasons why I Love You

1) You were my elementary school music teacher...duh, that's just awesome. :D
2) You taught me how to forgive...and then lived it out yourself.
3) We laugh about things no one else would even care about.
4) Prayer partners, and our "I love you a million..."s
5) Your first ever lunch order at Davenport...over 5 years ago: Subway. Tuna on whole wheat. Plain. Water to drink. Baked Lays. (I still have your stationary paper that you wrote it on.)
6) Talking in the car for hours.
7) When you ask me how I am, I know you really want to know the answer.
8) You are SO stinkin' talented on the piano. SO STINKIN TALENTED.
9) And there might not be a piano-playing Travis Cottrell were it not for your crazy-awesome lesson-teaching skills. Such a sweet big (but younger) sister you are...[I mean, the Lord MIGHT have worked something out for the miracle boy had you not been there...maybe.] ;)
10) You're allergic to dairy, and you ate a cheese pizza last week anyway ;) (even though it made you sick.) ...that's a girl with priorities :D
11) Your heart is THE most precious thing I've ever experienced, and I will commit a homicide on the next person who messes with it. [Or just throw rocks at them];)
12) Your nickname and favorite color are the same word.
13) You taught me how to eat barley powder...and LIKE IT.
14) You always know exactly what scripture to text me, and when.
15) You like to drive the car crazy when we ride together.
16) Late-night emails that make me laugh so hard I'd wake the neighbors.
17) You are twice my age [we'll keep that between us], twice as beautiful, and you make me want to love the Lord twice as hard.
18) We don't even have to explain...we just KNOW.
19) CHOCOLATE...as much as we eat, it just needs it's own number.
20) You have played/sung at a BREATHING man's funeral.
21) You have a tooth-man...and I love him ;)
22) Kathy J. Beth M. Abby H.
23) You've seen my heart at it's ugliest and you love it anyway.
24) WULL..... (oh, what does Webster know anyway)
25) You are my Jesus with skin on.

Happy Birthday Orange!! I love you a million jumps in the parking lot of Wild Oats...


Little Steps Of Faith said...

Aww, that was such a sweet tribute to your friend:)
Now I know how Shelly and Nate hooked up:)
Its awesome how God puts special people in our life to teach us, and help us follow His example.

I saw your post today before I saw you commented on mine:)

Off to class...ugh.

Be Blessed girlie:)


Leigh Gray said...

oh how i wsih someone loved me that much. ok, maybe my dog, but that is it!!!

that was so precious!! Please tell her Happy Birthday!!


Patty said...

How sweet!! You are so funny, kind, sweet all rolled into one. God is good to give us friends, best friends!! Ya'll are adorable. Her color is orange. Yes! Probably not for the reasons my favorite color is orange but that's okay! Speaking of orange, I need to send you a Tennessee shirt. :o) Havfe a blessed and fun day with Jesus.

Shelly said...

Why am I trying not to cry???

I love this post...and her. And who she is in your life. And I cannot wait to jump with a big hug into your arms next WEEK! woohooh!

Fran said...

OH MY GOODNESS GIRL!! That was probably the most amazing, sweetest thing I have ever read about someone. You took time with that....just beautiful! You are one amazing girl Ms. Abby! I'm so glad that I have found you and your blog. You have inspired me to be a better friend. Now, I wanna tell someone on their birthday how much I love them.

Thank you Jesus for friendships!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Abby, thanks for stopping by to see me! It's so nice to meet you. What an awesome friendship you must have with your best girlfriend. I can tell you just adore her & vice versa. And, how neat that she is Travis's sister. I was just in Nashville at the Deeper Still conference & just love that praise team and Beth Moore! That was such a blessed weekend for me & all the other girls who attended. Maybe you were there too?!

Anyway, I love yardsaling & nesting & that's what you'll see on my blog a whole lot. But I love Jesus too! You express yourself so well. Hope you'll come back & visit often.


Teri said...

Awww Abby...you ROCK! I loved reading your heart for your best friend. How did you come to become Best Friends with a woman twice your age? She seems incredible and you do as well! Girlfriends ROCK!

Teri said...

By the way, I am putting you on my blogroll, because you.are.too.cute!
Love reading your blog. Oh, also, Kajsa is on my facebook...I am a "friend" of Shelly Bland (on facebook) I will send you a friend request and then maybe you could try to get in touch with Kajsa...I told her about you, she is excited to meet a friend!

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

How cool to have a bud like that!

Cecelia said...

That was the sweetest BFF Happy Birthday EVER ! How awesome to have a friend like that. God has blessed me with one as well. She is not twice my age however ! LOL

Alana said...

What a sweet way to honor your friend! I love that she was your music teacher ;-)

Jackie said...

wow, I wish I had a friend that loved me that much. You are INCREDIBLY sweet and have SUCH a way with words. You are awesome girly!!
love ya tons!

BethAnne said...

What a great friend you are and how great was God to allow you paths to cross.

~Robyn~ said...

What a lucky friend to have you!

Lindsee said...

This is precious!

And, after your Naomi post, I went and read Ruth again. Oh girl, I love it!! :)