Sunday, September 30, 2007


So I just finished reading through the book of Ruth (mmm good stuff..wondering where my Boaz is...*winkwink*) :) One thing that stuck out to me was Naomi's character at the onset of tragedy. Towards the end of chapter one, she returns from Moab to Bethlehem with her daughter-in-law Ruth, having lost her husband, and both sons to death. Now don't get me wrong, this is PAIN, this is LOSS, this is TRAGEDY at it's best. But her reaction to people when they returned was what caught my attention.
In verse 20 of chapter one she exclaims, "Don't call me me Mara [which means bitter] because the Almighty has made my life very bitter. I went away full, but the Lord has brought me back empy. Whey call me Naomi? The Lord has afflicted me; the Almighty has brought misfortune upon me."

How many times has that been me? Hard times hit, and I start pointing fingers...up. How in the world, after all He's brought me through, could He be both the One I PRAISE when life is good, and BLAME when it's not. I know that God is LOVE, and TRUTH, and GOODNESS, and every amazing thing that has even thought about happening to me has come from Him. So why would I for a second, thing He would in any way want to hurt me or cause me pain? I wouldn't...except that's exactly how I act when things don't go my way--Bitter because He didn't bless my disobedience. Angry because life took something or someone away from me that really mattered. Accusing Him of deserting me, when actually, He's the only one that's still fully there. Dang it. I AM Naomi.

I sing, but don't claim to be much of a songwriter (I'm working on it) but I just wanted to share something I wrote in response to this part of the book of Ruth. If I ever get around to recording things (which is in the near future plan...and if I do, I'll post it so you can hear!) then maybe a melody will come out of it..but for now it's just my thoughts...[for you music people, the starred (sp?) part would be the repeated chorus]


Blessed with a family
Then struck by tragedy
She started on her way back home

Widowed, and in mourning
She left to find provision
But the damage had been done

*Are we like she
Bitter and empty
Blaming the Lord
Cause we wanted more
If we could open our eyes
And see the prize
Is the One who sustains
Through the joy and the pain
Maybe we could breathe
Exchange our disbelief
For peace

“Don’t call me by my name
For the Lord has turned away
Misfortune has consumed me”

Her wounds will remain
Unhealed just the same
Until access to her heart He attains


Leigh Gray said...

wow, i so want to hear that put to music!!! do it girl - dream big and do it!!

have a wonderful day!

Ang baylis said...

What a great post! I'm the same as you! I praise and blame... so don't call me Angie, call me "Bitter"! Ouch! Hopefully I Praise more than Blame, especially since you reminded me this morning!

Angie xoxo

Little Steps Of Faith said...

And she's a writer! Wow. very nice dahlin:)

Fran said...

I just loved this Abby! This was so good. I'm with don't call me Fran, call me "bitter!" A great big ouch. Help me praise you Lord through it all....through it all.


Katarina said...

Not much of a song writer? That was great!

jennyhope said...

this is so good girl! I actually us the name Mara when a bitter person comes my way so I can name call in Hebrew so don't be telling everyone my word...ha ha!! I am kidding. I have had my own bitterness of soul at times. this is so good! Girl I love your heart. I have been so blessed in blog land. i wish i could sit down face to face. also about the fear thing...i was cracking up because i thought man why would i want to think everyone would want to break into my house and steal me away....i must think a lot of myself. no but really i get a lot of imaginations going on myself! :) and when you find your boaz let me know! LOL

Tip Junkie said...

That was wonderful! You have a talent.

Jackie said...

That is AWESOME... I think you're naturally a songwriter- you just don't see it yet b/c that is awesome girl! I love what you wrote about how we praise Him and then in the same breath blame Him for our misfortunes, UGH..I hate to admit it, but that is SOOOO me too. Geez, the "flesh" really fights with me sometimes.
Girl, you need to use that gift He gave you and WRITE- you are GOOD!! Hope you've had a GREAT Sunday. I love you!!!!

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

That is beautiful- I sure would love to hear you sing!


pinkmommy said...

Hi! I am here from Jenny's blog. Our pastor just finished a series on Ruth and was awesome! I thought the coolest thing about Naomi saying to call her "bitterness" was that no one ever did! "Pleasant" or Naomi stuck, and she was never referred to as Mara. So, even though she felt bitter, she obviously didn't let it consume her enough that she actually became bitterness.

BethAnne said...

I am loving that song - you need some music though - wish I could help, but the only songs I know are sung to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It" - hahaha.

Oh yeah, and your Boaz is out there - I promise he is! You just stop looking, keep on trusting and serving God and you will have more Boazes (is that a word?) than you will know what to do with. You know why? Because a Godly guy loves a girl who loves Jesus!!! (It doesnt hurt that you are too cute either)

Patty said...

I am just smiling as I type. You have said that you aren't sure why God moved you to Nashville and yet you have written an awesome song! God has such a future, and plans for you!! I would love to hear you sing. I am thinking next year you need to meet me at Christ Church at the music conference. I met Jaron Davis this year at the conference. He is the one who wrote Holy Ground. Among many other songs. My friend Denise is in the choir and introduced me to everyone. Wondering where your Boaz is? Can I play matchmaker? ;o) Denise introduced me to a guy who has graduated college and living in Nashville now. He is tall and cute and funny and a singer! He goes to Christ Church. LOL!! I can see you rolling your eyes!! He was at Deeper Still. Oh yes!! I loved your insights on Ruth. I look forward to learning more from you!!
Love You,

Alana said...

That's beautiful Abby. I'd love to hear you sing it!

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