Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Things That Make Me Smile :)

*clothes right out of the dryer
*the pictures of my friends up around my room
*yankee candles
*prayer...and knowing HE hears me
*you've got mail (the movie)
*hallmark cards
*yoplait yogurt (key lime pie and apple turnover)
*being a worship leader for camp and retreats
*chocolate...any shape, size, packaging, and flavor
*F*R*I*E*N*D*S dvds
*blue eyes
*my scripture cards
*buy 2, get 1 free sales (even though you rarely need 3)
*artsy barnes & noble mugs :)
*journals, journals, journals
*black and white photography
*my red (with white polka-dot) shoes
*willow tree angels
*marathons on tv
*my ipod
*pumpkin spice lattes (thank you fall!!)
*knowing i am made COMPLETE in HIM
*lemon scented cleaning products
*the "pray hard" ring on my ring finger
*ice cream
*shelly e. bland ;)
*new nashville friends
*staying in my pjs all day
*brooke fraser (check her out!!)
*emptying the dishwasher (yeah, i know)
*being cozy under a blanket
*big bead necklaces
*Psalm 90:2 (the Message)
"...from 'once upon a time' to 'kingdom come' YOU ARE GOD."


Patty said...

I loved this list. I like sheets and clothes right out of the dryer. Yankee candles, oh yes, they smell so good. You've Got Mail, one of my favorite movies. Actually most of your list. ;o)
How are you? Have you found a church? I wish I could have seen you in Nashville. What a great conference. I am going to San Antonio, are you? Kim and I are organizing things for the siestas. I will keep you updated. It's going to be better than you know!!
Love ,

Little Steps Of Faith said...

I think that should be a tag deal:)

I am gonna put one on my site:)

Thanks for making ME smile sweetie:)

Be Blessed:)


Jackie said...

That is such a fun list... I could join you, in our pj's (straight from the dryer- oh, love that smell), drinking pumpkin spice lattes, praising our God....and watching FRIENDS DVD's. That sounds like the IDEAL girl's weekend to me!!!
You are precious!!! Love ya!!

Little Steps Of Faith said...


I threw this on myspace too, so don't be surprised if it starts a chain reaction:)(AND YOU DID IT:_)

Making people happy is making them remember they are BLESSED:)

Profbaugh said...

Oh, I just love your list. . . and I'm right there with you on about 90% of the stuff. Thanks for making me smile, my Siesta!


Lindsee said...

I just watched a few re-runs of FRIENDS on dvd on Sunday! It was great and I laughed REAL HARD to myself.

And girl, would you please come unload my dishwasher?!?!

And yes, I love that our connection is Afshin. :) Oh, how great he is. But hopefully sooner than later we'll no longer have a "connection" and we'll meet face to face. Oh, what a day that'l be!!

HUGS from Huntsville,

Teri said...

Hey Abby! I just read you list and I loved it! I found myself smiling and nodding at several of them! I just said goodbye to a young woman who lived with us for the summer and now she lives in Nashville! How fun is that! She doesn't blog, but she is on myspace. I will tell her to check you out!

Anna said...

Wow, this list sure looks familiar! Except for the big bead necklaces!! And the iPod - it would be on my list if I weren't so broke! Thanks for posting this. It put me in a very thankful mood for the wonderful "extras" that make life so much fun.
Love from your Siesta Anna

Lindsee said...

Your new look is absolutely precious!!!!

HUGS today!!!

Leigh Gray said...

oh that ia great!!! love it and smiled often!!