Thursday, October 16, 2008

On the road again...

what is up. geeze i don't even know where i am. hold on let me look at the sign on the bus...

ok we're in route to Missouri for most of the weekend. last Friday i showed up at my job at 6:00am. we left shortly after for the airport where we boarded a plane around 8 for Los Angeles, California. first time i've ever been to L.A. (well other than the fact that i grew up there..but that would be LA as in "Lenoir Area" ;) (for those of you still lost, that is the name of my very small hometown in North Carolina where i met my best, and most dear friend (who was also my music teacher *grin*), learned to love Jesus, became the Chubby Bunny champ of my middle school spring fling, learned to drive my first car--a red '88 jeep cherokee that belonged to 3 other family members before me, fell in love with the mountains and fall, and spent many summer days walking to the TCBY just down from my house. awww, memories.
so anyways, i had my first for real L.A. trip (well sort of--we were really in Anaheim for a conference) followed by a small detour to MALIBU for 3.5 days to suffer through beautiful sunrises and sunsets, fall asleep to our very own sound machine known as THE OCEAN, eat grilled-cheese poundcake (explain later--sounds gross, but it's HEAVEN), and get a free pedicure walking in the sand. not too shabby for a nanny job, huh?
so yesterday morning i woke up in California (i won't even talk about the 4 hour plane ride with one unhappy twin), spent about 6 hours last night in Nashville, and today i woke up in Springfield. we will head to St. Louis for the weekend sometime much later in the night. then add a drop down to Texas on Sunday and i'll be back in my bed by the beginning of next week. which will be slightly short-lived as we leave again next Friday morning for Sacramento, CA.
things will calm down a tad for a few weeks...although i'm still traveling every weekend, 2 of the next 3 are for personal trips--one home for a wedding, and the other to lead worship at a retreat with 2 of the most amazing girls. (more on that later:))

i have about 5 post that are almost all done that involve things other than my fame and fortune (minus the latter) for my coffee shop photography, and my travel schedule. God is really having a time with me right now which normally would indicate that His child (me) is being bratty and pushing buttons. but this is more of a growing, stretching, learning to trust sort of time that is really hard, and really hurts, but i know will bring a harvest of blessing at the appropriate time when we remain faithful (col 2:9-10). He is faithful to do His part even when we stink at life. speak the truth girls. even when you don't feel like it or maybe even don't believe it for that moment. speak the truth and cling to Him. He is our hope and security.

love you all. dirty diapers are calling..
(malibu pictures coming soon...) your local radio stations (ALL OF THEM) and tell them they need to play a song called "Wonder" by Melissa Greene. DO.IT. don't make me come over there. ;)


ocean mommy said...

Oh sweet girl! You've had quite a ride the last few weeks! Praying for you.

LOVED THIS. "He is faithful to do His part even when we stink at life. speak the truth girls. even when you don't feel like it or maybe even don't believe it for that moment. speak the truth and cling to Him. He is our hope and security."

You so encouraged me today with those words.

Praying for you!


Profbaugh said...


You're heading toward Missouri??? Could it possibly be the St. Louis area??? Oh man!! You have to e-mail me if you're in the area. I'm actually leaving tomorrow (Friday) by noon to travel. It's homecoming at my undergrad college, Illinois State University and I'm on the alumni band board. We even have an alumni marching band in the parade at at the football game. Anyway, I digress. Drop me an e-mail if you get a chance: I'd love to catch up with you if only for a couple of minutes.

Much love,

Fran said...

Love you sweet girl!!! Always got you in my prayers. You are one wise woman...cling tight to Jesus!
No matter what.

Big hugs from a chilly TN~

Patty said...

You are one busy girl!! You have been in my thoughts. :) I prayed for you and Shelly and Lindsey last week. I wasn't sure what date in Nov. you all are doing ministry together. ;0)

I LOVE Melissa Greene's voice. Powerful. Serious talent for Jesus!

Have a great week.

Lindsee said...

Almost 1 week till I see you again!


Bev Brandon said...

Can't tell you how many times our beautiful God brings you to my mind. Just love you to pieces Abby. If you are ever in the Dallas or Austin area, let me know! Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you Daniel 9:23---at the beginning of your request, a word has come. He is the God of your mountains and valleys I Kings 20:28!

Dana said...

Hey girlie! Found your blog...loved being with you this weekend. Hope our paths cross again!

Love ya,

live3054 said...