Sunday, February 4, 2007

my wallet may thank me

I used to hate blogs. I always swore I'd never have one. I have always kept a journal (obsessively in fact) but just preferred to actually use a pen and paper to do it. It's funny--I can't stand to write for school, but give me a new journal and a good cup of coffee and I can get lost for hours trying to capture my own thoughts. But online journaling? Never. Maybe I just always assumed I didn't have anything to say...or what I had to say wasn't worth anybody else waisting their time to read it. In recent weeks, however, I have been so blessed by one particular blog that it inspired me to take the plunge. No one may ever read a word I write on this blog. But the small chance that someone could be so blessed by a word or two, as I have been by the words of my sisters in Christ on other sites, I think is worth more than my insecurity about the worth of my thoughts. Who knows...maybe it'll save me a few bucks on a new journal. :)


Anonymous said...

i love hearing what your heart is blog....thanks for connection

Jenn said...

A,... I found you through Beth Moore's blog. Never EVER underestimate the power of accident. Sharing your thoughts may touch someone's life... even and especially someone you will never meet. Be encouraged! (And welcome to the blogosphere!) Be Blessed Friend!!

Anonymous said...


so i stalked you, and found you (okay, so you had a link here in your profile). i think everyone needs several journals. ha. i keep one that i write in, and one online. so you could still get lost in your writing in a new journal with a cup of coffee. it was really great seeing you the other day. i miss you! hope you're well. love you, Delana.