Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Still breathing :)

Just dropping in to say that after battling camp sickness twice, and depression from my blog hiatus (sp?) I'm still alive! I have several new blog friends to catch up with and re-pay them for a visit or two, and hope to do so very soon! Our camp team traveled to western North Carolina for 2 weeks for a break from the beach to do camp in the mountains, and it has been the biggest blessing!! We have had some much needed REST (there is nothing like napping in the mountains while the rain hits your window) and extra time to love on our God and let Him do the same to us! We are heading back to the beach this weekend for the last 4 weeks of camp at which point I will give an extremely over-due UPDATE on what the Lord has been doing with us for the last month and a half! (Be prepared for a novel!) Ahhh!! I am so excited!!!
In the meantime, thanks to those who keep visiting despite any recent news being posted, and I can't wait to catch up! ...I love how blog sistas talk like we're gonna be "haning out" makes me smile :)

Til the weekend...have a blast with your Creator!! :)
Much love, friends!!


Shelly said...

Uhmm....clearly, we ARE going to be hanging out later!! lol

Love you siesta

Lindsee said...

Well, I am glad your still breathing. And I can't wait to here more about your time at camp!

Missed you!

Amy Kate said...

I found your blog through shelly's! That's so awesome that you get to spend your summer at a camp that's something I'd like to do one year! You have such a cute blog! I can't wait to read about what God has done through your service!

jennyhope said...

no kidding...we will all be hanging out. i wish i was at camp i am jealous!!! much love siesta!

Teri said...

I have to admit, I have lurked on your blog before because when I came here this morning I saw the funny story about your college graduation and I remembered reading it a couple of months ago! But anyway, thanks for reading/commenting my blog! It is so fun to "meet" new people! I am especially glad to finally meet some of you younger, hip bloggers! You all are such a nice breath of fresh air! Camp sounds amazing!

Dionna said...

Hope I'm one of those new blog friends! :) Thanks for stopping by - glad God "smacked" you when you needed it.