Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

so i have 3 post under the "draft" category cause i can't seem to be in one place long enough to actually sit and type the whole dern things out. on top of that..i still don't have a working computer, and the one my roommate so graciously let me borrow has now temporarily gone to be with Jesus as well. we are pitiful! i am writing a lot but it's all in my big black journal and i am anxiously awaiting a time when i can transfer all my goofy thoughts to internet land. so basically, i just need to become really good friends with the public library and make a weekly treck over to catch you up. (frankly i'm just really picky about my writing so it takes me forever to edit what i want to say.)
lots of things have happened since i wrote a for real post about something other than my lack of writing. some of you know of some of my distractions (*grin*) other than my lack of internet...but most recently i've just been a busy working girl! i'm still reading ya'lls blogs, even though my lack of commenting may make it appear otherwise. those of you that i got to meet in texas...oh.my.word. so many emotions all in one moment at the registration table. it's funny how you just feel like you know everybody already and the only thing missing is the sound of their voice and a 3-D body. :)

wait. pause. i need to check something out. OH MY GOODNESS...THERE IS AN ICE CREAM TRUCK IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!! oh that just made me so happy. ice cream trucks need to make a comeback. for real life. i'm petitioning. (and in the petition i will include the ever so important need of an updated song for repetition throughout all ice cream rounds. i mean really...how many 5 year olds know Fur Elise?

back to texas. i do have a few pictures to post, but they are on my roommate's computer so until it decides to quit playing possum (is there an "o" at the front of that word?), there will be much mourning and gnashing of teeth in our anticipation (and hostility towards the technology monster in our apartment) of the possibility of retrieving those dear photos. most of them you have already seen on other people's blogs and facebook accounts, but alas i will add in my duplicates from other angles. :)
you ladies are a hoot.

ps...keep THIS GIRL on your radar...she and Jesus are doin big things. ;) (click link)

pps...i'll try to post a picture of distraction #1 soon...sneaky sneaky :)


Profbaugh said...

Hey Abby,

I'm saying a prayer or two that the technology "bugs" will leave you and your roommate alone!!!

It was absolutely fantastic getting to see you in SA. Now I just need to hear you sing!

Love ya,

Nikki said...

Girl!! I am at the library!! Sad to say that I was going into Internet withdrawls!!! I am still making some inquiries about getting all our pics off the dadgum hard drive. I am choosing to believe that they are still on there, waiting for us to figure out how to get them off!!

Patty said...

I am not sure when you will read this and I think you told us that you will be out of town over the next few weekends but I need to come and visit and Georgia too, and I will bring my laptop for you to write a post. Let me know when a good day would be, it can be a weekday if we need to.


Lindsee said...

I guess I'll put you back on my blogroll. ;)

Love you!

jennyhope said...

I so loved Texas...and guess what!!! my cord has a short in it...on my lap top!!! I am doing the electrical tape thing for now!!! Miss you!!

ocean mommy said...

I can understand the tech bugs. Hang in there...

It was so great to see your beautiful face in TX.

You, Nikki and Lindsay are so precious, I wish I could have spent another day with you! It so excites me to see young women with hearts for Jesus. He really is all over the three of you...

Praying that all is well!


Fran said...

I'm all about the pps!!!!

You are just the cutest think I've ever seen and it was like seeing a best friend that I haven't seen in years.

You know I love ya!

HisGeorgiaPeach said...

Just popped in here for the first time and felt like I should say hi after reading about you, fellow siesta! Your entries not only make me laugh, but definitely show how intimate you are with your Maker.:)Hope your tech problems get solved soon.

God Bless,


Bev Brandon said...

I can understand...I've been without internet for one month now...I drive up and down MOPAC looking for a sign that says free WIFI. MOPAC is Highway 1 in Austin where I live now. I was so stirred in my heart by the Holy Spirit in meeting you!!! Yes, He did! He really stirred me through you! Love you to pieces! Me

Leigh said...

"oooo" (clapping hands)

live3054 said...